That´s right, Baños, the town that shares its name with the toilet. Beautiful town really.

Actually, Baños is a very popular holiday destination for Ecuadorians and for international jetsetters with monolithic backpacks like ourselves.

The reason for this town´s fame is its natural hot spring baths (hence the name Baños, meaning bath).

The town is also set at the base of an active volcano that should go off some time soonish.

Whilst in Baños we hired bikes…

Banos Bike

While riding a cable car across a 100 metre fall…

cable car

To go and look at water falls…


Then finally came home to grab a four-wheeler to check the sites of Baños…

four wheel

Ah, Baños…same name as a toilet but the best restaurants in Ecuador (no kidding, the food was great).Except for when I ordered the lunch of the day…but that is another story that is not related to this picture of roasting guineapig…


I swear.

love john and fion (and thanks to simon who set up this blog for us)


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