Cuenca, Guayaquil and Peru

Well, we thought it would happen eventually. We knew it would happen. We started to think it might not happen. And why would it happen to us. Then, it did happen.

We waz robbed.

Last day in the beautiful colonial city of Cuenca. I was having breakfast in the quiet hostal where Fion and I were the only patrons. It was our last day.

Fion had gone to the net cafe 3 doors down. I was finishing my coffee and intently reading the Cuba book. I was the only person in the dining area. I had my back pack on the ground against my chair. Because it was our last day we were going to doa blog before heading off. The camera that is usually in my jeans pocket was in the bag. Fions MP3 player with all the photos that I had just the night before sorted into (slightly retentive) folders according to country and city, was also in the bag.

Four men walked into the hostal and asked at the counter about some rooms. I didn’t pay too much mind – happily reading about Cuba. One of the guys walked past my table semmingly looking for a bathrooom, then back tothe guys at the front and they left.

2 minutes later I finished my coffee and grabbed the bag to go meet fion at the net cafe. Of course, the bag was no longer there. Nor was the camera. Nor was the MP3 player. Nor were a few books. They were all in the bag you see.

The day then turned into a bureaucratic run around.

So, now we are in Peru and hanging out with Maura and Maryanne, which is very nice. Trying to apply for insurance over the net. Not very nice.

The guy didn’t even stoop, bend or stop. I’ll be buggered if I know how he grabbed the bag without a sound. I blame the Cuba book.

We are going to the black market in Lima tomorrow. We expect to find our own camera etc.


John and Fion (but mostly john’s fault)

p.s. sorry about the lack of photos in this post, you can understand why.

THEY WONT TAKE OUR DIGNITY (although I do feel a little quesy after that salami today)


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